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Nov 27, 2013 4:00pm EST
percentage growth, massachusetts was ranked number one. and the city with the most new millionaires over the past year was new york city. again, a 12-plus percent when you add in the city and state. the bottom line here is, you know, both sides are wrong when they say that tax rates determine the number of millionaires. you know, particularly those who say that if you tax the wealthy, they will leave -- >> zach is dying to get in here. >> i'm glad you did this study. it shows this is such an ideological based discussion. i suppose you could take your argument and say higher rates cause millionaires. that would be the wrong argument to make. >> now, wait a minute. let me play devil's advocate. say you have a society where stock market is increasing, people are getting money because of that, the value of their assets is increasing, maybe the tax rate is moving higher for other reasons, you want to fund expansion of programs and those people are spending. i see nothing contradictory about that. >> the other thing that's intrigui intriguing, there are people who live where they live bec
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Nov 1, 2013 3:00pm EDT
massachusetts it was called out the industry. well burn. and basically they made microwave products for the reagan buildup in defense in the early 80's. add a big play, but now what it does is what is called mixed signal radiofrequency chips, the stock is around 26, two and a half dollars per share in cash with no debt. back up the cash and look at next year's earnings, that's over eight and a half times earnings. at the billion in cash, no debt. return on equities is 20%. they are plugged into the apple and the samsung phone. 47 percent of the business is apple and the rest is samsung, but the rest of the business is growing faster than industrial and aerospace portions for radio frequency and mixed signal. liz: your next pick is waiting petroleum. now that is a name that is up 60 percent already. >> we have owned it since the day it went public. i had dinner with them. but the company continues to do very well. the bottom line is when we looked at bonanza creek, the nobles, selling at seven and eight times next year's discretionary cash flow. still selling. the production is still gro
Nov 8, 2013 4:00pm EST
, blue hill, massachusetts. can you see blue hill from boston. you can imagine how big those storms. >> wow. paul, i mean, what kind of an impact might a storm like this have on the u.s.? >> well, as joe noted, the kind of energy and the kind of storms we're seeing now in the philippines has happened here in the u.s. when it happened in the past, we weren't quite as built up. if we had a storm like this that hit in miami, that was not even this big, the impact could from an insured loss perspective could be really, really high. some estimates it could be greater than $125 billion in insured losses. there's a lot of risk on the east coast still. >> and the risk is on the east coast. what are the expectations for the east coast, then, in the u.s.? >> well -- >> i'll tell you the east coast and gulf coast as well -- go ahead, joe. >> like the warm cycle like the 1950s, they're ramped up. this was a remarkable year in the atlantic. i've never soon a warm cycle of the atlantic with such low tropical activity. a lot of dry air that's put a cap on global activity. it spread you into the at
Nov 6, 2013 4:00pm EST
markets, stone harbor new jersey orono, minnesota and weston massachusetts, round out the top ten most expensive housing markets. nationally speaking is u.s. housing affordable? two reports beg to different with each other. the realtors association says yes, housing is affordable nationally. but fitch ratings on the other hand says u.s. home values are overvalued by 17% and some markets are approaching bubble territory. maria? >> all right, diana thanks very much. stay right here. we want to bring in madison hill di brand an agent with caldwell banker who also stars in bravo's million dollar listing. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> madison 5 of the top 25 most expendsive markets are in california with malibu number one where your agency is focused. why is this so hot? >> i think that our california market and specifically speaking los angeles even more specific malibu really did suffer when the global economic crisis occurred. and our prices in some cases depreciated from 30% to 50% so knowing that they dropped that much, we became a very attractive
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4